Bill payer’s address

This is the address we supply fresh water to, unless you have requested otherwise.

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Bill info

This tells you the bill date, as well as the bill number and page number.

This interactive bill only displays page 1 and 2 as this is the bill. Any additional pages you may receive will be information pages regarding your water supply or services we offer.

If you pay using a giro slip, this can be found on page 4 of your actual paper or online bill (not shown here).


Account summary

These are the account details you'll need to hand if you ever need to speak to us, or manage your account online. They include your account number, the address water is supplied to, your chosen payment method and your account type.

For your security, we can only discuss your bill with you if you are a named account holder.


Bill details

This section shows the period in which the bill is charged for. It will give you the ‘from’ and ‘to’ date.

Additional information may also be shown here, relevant to your account.

Previous Balance – This will be the account balance from your previous bill.

Account Transactions (see overleaf for details) – This will include all payments, credits or adjustments received/made since your previous bill.

Balance Brought Forward – This is the amount carried over from your previous bill if there have not been enough payments received to cover the balance.

Total Charges this bill (see over for details) – This is the charge for this bill period

Account Balance – This will include the total charges for this bill and any balance brought forward amount. 


Paying your bill

The majority of our customers (80%) pay by Direct Debit as its the quickest and easiest way to pay. It's really easy to set up and you can do it online by clicking on the link below.

Set up a Direct Debit

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Your balance

This tells you when your payment is due and how much to pay.

As a metered customer, you can either pay the bill in full or have a monthly payment plan. 

The quickest and safest way to pay your bill is by Direct Debit. It's really easy and easy to set up using our online form.

Set up a Direct Debit
Find out about other ways to pay

 I pay by Direct Debit


Emergency contact details

If you have an emergency, such as no water, please give us a call on 0333 000 0365.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are charged at local rate.


About your charges

This section explains what you are charged for.

The fresh water we supply to you will be referred to as 'Water In'.

If we bill you on behalf of Thames Water or Southern Water there will be an explanation for 'Water Out' which covers the volume of waste water returned to the sewer from your property. It also covers the cost of treating and recycling the water.




Account transactions

This shows any payments you've made since we last billed you. 

This includes any credit or debit adjustments we have made to your account.


Your water meter readings

Here you will find the meter details for your property, including what your current meter reading is and how much you have used since the last bill. This is what we use to calculate your charges.

We try to take a meter reading every six months, but this isn’t always possible. If the bill you receive is based on an estimated reading and you would like to be billed on an actual reading, please click here to submit your meter reading.



Your consumption

We measure water use in cubic metres. To put that into perspective, one cubic metre is equivelant to 10 washing machine cycles or about 10 baths.

Is your bill higher than normal?

If you have a water meter and your latest bill is higher than normal, don’t panic – there could be a simple explanation.

An increase in your bill or Direct Debit payments is normally because of an increase in the amount of water you're using. Your water meter records all the water you use, which helps us to calculate your bills. So before you give us a call, please check the steps below:

#1 – Are there more people living in your home?

  • Have any more people moved into the property? Do you have a new baby in the family?
  • Do you have a son or daughter home from university?
  • Is a member of the family spending more time at home due to illness or retirement?

#2 – Do you have any new water-hungry appliances in your home?

  • Have you had a power shower fitted?
  • Have you had a new combined washer/dryer fitted? You may be surprised to learn they use a lot more water than a standard washing machine as the washer/dryer uses cold water as part of the drying process
  • Are you using washing machines or dishwashers more than usual (often due to extra people staying in your home)?

#3 – Do you have a leak on your property?

  • Have you checked all taps (including any outside taps) to make sure they are not leaking water?
  • Have you recently had a meter installed? If your meter’s been installed in the last 12 months, we offer a free service to come and check for repairs
  • Have you checked outside to see if water is leaking out of any overflow pipes from water tanks in the loft?

#4 – Have you been using more water in the garden?

  • Have you been using a hosepipe or sprinkler in the garden this summer?
  • Do you have any new water features in your garden, such as a pond or water fountain?

And finally….

Was your previous bill an estimate? If so, we may have underestimated the amount of water you use, which means your most recent bill will appear much higher than your previous estimated bill.

Still not figured out what could have caused your bill to increase? Please give us a call on 0333 000 0001 and we’ll be happy to help.

For more tips and advice on how to save water, or to get FREE water saving devices, click here.


Help with your bill

We understand your circumstances can change, whether it’s because of ill health, unemployment or a number of other reasons.

If you find yourself struggling to pay your bill, we're here to help support you and discuss other payment options so you've got one less thing to worry about.

The easiest way to find out if you're eligible for any of our support tariffs is to pop your details into our simple online form.

If you are disabled, elderly, deaf, blind, partially-sighted or suffering from a long-term sickness or illness, we may also be able to give you extra help via one of our special support tariffs, or by offering bills in large print/braille.

To find out more click here or call us on 0333 000 0001. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 8am-1pm.


How your bill is calculated

As a metered customer, you'll only be billed for the water you use plus a small standing charge. This charge is based on where you live and is reflective of the cost of abstracting water from the area (click here to find out what the specific charges are for your area).

This section explains how much water you've used since we last billed you, and outlines the standing charge.

‘Water in’ charges 

'Water in' charges refer to the fresh drinking water we supply to your property.

‘Water out’ charges

We only supply fresh drinking water, but we also bill on behalf of Thames Water and Southern Water for ‘Water out’ or waste water charges.

These charges cover the volume of waste water returned to the sewer from your property. They also cover the cost of treating and recycling the water and are calculated in the same way as the 'Water In' charges.